About Yellow Wood Wares

Born of a childhood hobby, an innate creative flair and keen entrepreneurial spirit, Yellow Wood Wares offers jewelry lovers hip concoctions of lustrous color, rich texture, organic shapes and subtle lines. Jewelry design has deep roots in the life of founding artist Astrid French. Seeds were planted at the young age of six when she began collecting beads brought home by an uncle who traveled the world in the Navy (many of which are used in her work today). As she grew, so did her fascination with beads, and over time a budding talent for jewelry making emerged. Later, at the suggestion of a good friend and devoted wearer, Astrid turned her then small scale jewelry hobby into a substantial side project and quickly established an admirable customer base.

Today, fueled by an artist's genuine passion for creating dynamic, eclectic, wearable art, Yellow Wood Wares has blossomed into a successful home based jewelry business with a loyal and steadily expanding clientele.

True to the artist's Gemini nature, an ever-changing sense of style makes defining it an elusive task. Individuality and versatility are central qualities in Astrid's work. She believes deeply in using jewelry as a vehicle for self-expression, one as unique and original as the person who wears it; therefore, no two pieces are made alike.

From trim, streamlined, tailored looks to bold, chunky, asymmectrical designs and all that falls in between, her one-of-a-kind necklaces, earrings and bracelets employ elements of color, texture, shape, and line to create these diverse expressions, enabling buyers to experience the thrill of discovering their personal pieces that feel meant to be.

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